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Jason is an award winning Barber and licensed Barber instructor. Having his 1992 barber school journey interrupted Jason eventually got his start at his Uncle Starks shop after receiving his Barber license in 2001. Three years later Jason branched off on his own opening his own shop in 2004. After eleven successful years with his first Barber shop in Garland Texas he opened a second Show & Tell Cuts location in Rowlett Texas in February of 2015. Relocating the Garland location in October of 2017. two months later Jason decided to close the first Rowlett shop and currently has all Barbers operating out of the one location. Starting from the bottom returning to society after serving eight calendar years on a twelve year prison sentence, Jason takes nothing for granted. He has dedicated over 25 years to the Barber industry, not only is it his mission to provide a fruitful life for his family, but he wants to share his experience and knowledge with everyone he encounters along his journey. To view a detailed documentary on Jason and his story go to his youtube channel Jason Barber and Educator or type “Second chance Succes” in the search.

Victor Jones

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